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With more than 80 Years' experience as Connecticut's most dependable residential energy providers, Daniels Natural Gas can upgrade your existing gas equipment to high efficiency equipment or expand your gas energy demands with products that are both energy-efficient and cost-effective!

You already know Natural gas is one of the cleanest, safest, and most useful of all energy sources. To maximize its benefits, however, it is very important that only highly-trained energy technicians work on your gas heating and comfort control appliances. Daniels Natural Gas Specialists will install and service your natural gas heater, boiler, furnace, water heater, and other appliances to assure maximum efficiency and safety.

Whether you’re building your new dream home, remodeling your current home, or upgrading you existing heating system, there is a natural gas appliance ideally suited to meet your comfort needs.

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Residential & Commercial Installations.

Featuring these top-of-the-line products. Click below to find the gas appliances
that are right for you:

  • Buderus Boilers
  • Bryant Furnaces
  • Rinnai Heating Solutions
  • System 2000
  • Trane Furnaces
  • Viessmann Boilers

Buderus GB142Buderus Gas Condensing Boilers
The newest generation of Buderus gas condensing boilers are designed to recover heat energy that is discharged into the flue and return it to the heat exchanger for maximum efficiency. Conventional heating systems waste gases resulting in significant heat loss into the atmosphere.

With a Buderus condensing boiler, you will achieve a consistent amount of heat while saving energy.

Up to 98% thermal efficiency can be achieved compared to 70%-80% with conventional designs. With six models to choose from, you can be sure to find just the right Buderus system for your business or residence.

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Bryant Evolution 95sBryant Gas Furnaces
With a wide range of models to choose from, Bryant offers the smooth comfort of gas heat with Bryant Dependability.

For the perfect combination of gas heat and cost–saving energy efficiency, you can choose from the top-of-the-line Evolution® Series 95s AFUE modulating gas furnace with PerfectSense™ temperature functionality, our Evolution® Series 96 AFUE with Perfect Heat™ and Perfect Humidity™ to the solid Legacy™ Line 80 AFUE.

Remember, the higher the AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating, the more you'll save on energy costs!

Bryant Furnaces

Rinnai Tankless Water HeaterRinnai Tankless Boilers and Tankless Water Heaters
Experience an endless supply of fresh hot water – for bathing, cooking, dishes and laundry – and achieve up to a 40% savings in energy savings. Every unit comes standard with the efficiency, performance and peace of mind that makes Rinnai the #1 tankless water heater brand in the U.S. market.

  • On-demand delivery with consistent, safe temperature
  • Many “green” advantages with many models to choose from
  • Reduced risk of flooding, compared to traditional tank water heaters
  • Industry leading 12-year limited warranty on heat exchange
  • Flexible installation options and significant space savings

Rinnai Water Heaters

System 2000 ResoluterSystem 2000 Heating Systems
A patented spiral boiler precisely controls the flow of water and flue gasses for the best heat transfer. Plus! No pins, baffles or micro-passages to foul and reduce efficiency over time.

  • Industry leading efficiency
  • Easily piped to multiple zones
  • Virtually unlimited hot showers
  • Exceptionally clean burning
  • 5 zone control (standard)

System 2000 Systems

Trane XC91Trane Furnaces
Beyond performance, Trane Furnaces provide options for energy–efficient operation. Some models operate at over 95% efficiency, which means that 95% of the fuel you pay for is actually converted into heat for your home.

Advanced ComfortLink II communications technology allows some models to configure themselves for optimal performance year after year. Combined with the Telephone Access Module (TAM) alerts are sent to your phone allowing you to adjust your settings remotely, whenever you like.

Innovative solutions to energy needs requiring constant comfort and cost-efficiency have made Trane a heating industry leader.

Trane Furnaces

Vitodens 100Viessman Condensing Boilers
With an AFUE of 95.1% the Vitodens 100 is the most efficient boiler in its price range for U.S. Federal Tax Credit. It is Energy Star qualified and together with the Vitodens 200, the only wall mounted condensing boiler certified by the Government of Canada's Environmental Choice Program to be less harmful to the environment.

  • A durable gray cast heat exchanger for maximum operational durability and service life.
  • Integrated draft hood and vent damper for vertical chimney venting.
  • Compact lightweight design and minimal clearances allow installation in difficult-to-access boiler rooms, alcoves or closets.
  • Thick insulation reduces standyby heat losses.

Viessmann Boilers

Daniels Natural Gas Home Comfort Specialists

Our service staff members are all trained at state-approve heating and air conditioning schools. They are licensed by the state, fully insured and fully prepared to provide you with technical expertise and reliable service. You can expect

  • Skilled installers
  • Quality workmanship
  • Satisfacton guaranteed

Daniels technicians will arrive at your home in a marked Daniels Energy service vehicle, neatly dressed, clean and respectful of your property.

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